October 8, 2009
By , Cool Towne, CO
Why wont you help when you can see me burning inside?
Why wont you see the sadness in my eyes?
How can you stand watching the agony
of person you once loved?
What kind of person would keep someone hanging by a thread then watch passivly as the thread is clipped?
Why wont you help me when i have helped you so often?
Why do you stare as my will to live begins to soften?
Why do your eyes glance hatefully my way?
I guess i was never there to stay
My heart has been broken trampled and shot
My love for you has never and well never stop
So I'll just walk away and start a new day
And live the miserable life because you forgot
You forgot what we had
forgot what had been
now my life is so empty
a new one cant begin
so all i have to ask you is
Why would you leave me this way?

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