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September 29, 2009
To my left-
A man not quite happy with his life.
To my right-
A woman suffering for her children.
He pull with intelligence and wit.
She pulls with hard work and determination.

To my right-
A woman waiting to strike.
To my left-
A man too impatient to see his mistakes.
Everything she says wounds him.
Everything he does distresses her.

They don’t know we, the children, see
Or maybe they do.
They manipulate us.
They obtain favor with their kids,
Through secrets and gifts
They wait till the final battle.
They truly believe,
That one must win,
The other must surrender,
And give up their opinions.

But what I know and they don’t,
Is that if one goes down,
The other will follow.

The kingdom- my family- they built
Will be pulled out of their grasps.
I refuse to be pulled apart.
I refuse to let my brothers do the same
If I have to take a side,
I choose my side.
I choose his side.
I choose her side.
I choose my family.

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