Memories of a Broken Heart

September 28, 2009
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Memories of a broken heart
keep swimming back to me
like the ocean crashing onto a secluded shore.
I was an empty bottle of wine without you,
but I'm a lost soul with you.

It's breaking dawn and
I want to see the sunrise contigo,
but you just turn your head and look at
the moon as if she was whispering her secrets of manipulation to you.

You open up my mind to only make me see a vast maze in front of me.
You make me think think think.
Think about the sunrises.
Think about the moon.
Think of quantum physics,
and everything, possibly everything,
about you.

You've imprisoned me.
And I don't know if I want to escape.

Mi corazon llora con pensamientos de ti.
No te quiero,
pero te quiero.
Te quiero mucho.
I need you.

It's just a broken heart.
I tell myself,
just a broken heart.

Love isn't meant to be a nightmare on the water.
But what a nightmare you are with your beautiful song lyrics
and your love for the moon.
Your soft fingertips.
Your comforting voice.
Your love for everything impossible.

I won't take those long moonlit rides with you anymore,
or converse for five hours about nothing but the universe because,
it doesn't matter anymore.
It's impossible.
We're impossible.
I can't love you.

You're too much for this lost soul.
We've hit rock bottom and have
struck a potential well full of
pandora's boxes and I'm not even going to
attempt to get out because,
it's impossible.
We're impossible.

I can't love you anymore babe.
Those boxes will fly open,
and all my nightmares about you will come
racing back to haunt me.

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