September 29, 2009
By jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
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Live everyday like it's your last day on Earth - because you never know when it just might be.

The night started when you said:
Baby, take my hand.
I’m going to show something
you’ve never seen before.

I know it’s our secret.
I’m going to keep it to
myself tonight.?The feelings you left me with
won’t die soon easily

I always wondered why people
always came to this spot.
This is a party where people
go to escape.
From 10 PM till the temptations get
the better of you.
This is the place where everyone
goes to drive away from their
problems, stress, and life.
I wanna get inside this spot.

The doors opened for me,
music banging and people dancing.
Then I saw you, the most
beautiful thing I ever saw.
Then the night officially started

Were you for real?
Are you a dream?
Why did I take your hand?
Was it the way you looked at me
or did your eyes hypnotize me?
Is this a game or a
trick to tempt me?
I’m already turned on.
I can’t help it!
Then I realized that
nothing matters when
your lips are touching me.

What can I do about my heart
when there are many keys?
Then you told me:
Boy, it doesn’t matter just
open your heart.
This all new to me I can't resist it.
What kind of love is this
you’re showing me?
This is wrong but it feels so good
it must be a sin.
Then your lips touch mine
and I lose control.
Nothing can stop this taboo.
My heart wants this taboo.

You pull your face away from mine.
I stare at the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.
This could be a dream or
a secret love.
I heart these words come out
your perfect lips.
Which one do you like?

By the look of my face,
you know what I want.
This has to be real.
Don’t worry, I’ll take the handle.
I’ll teach you how to drive away.

It’s three o’clock.
The party is still on
but we’re out of the spot.
You took the handle and drove away.
I gave myself to you,
something told me to do it.
I lost control,
I know it was wrong,
but I couldn’t help it.
I try to come back to my senses,
but nothing matters when your
lips are touching me.

Tonight was the night
when you found the one key.
The one key to open my heart.
I know this can’t be wrong
no matter what they say.
Nothing can break this taboo.
My heart wants this taboo.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the song, "Taboo" by Koda Kumi. It's in Japanese but she says some English words and I go of them. This poem is inspired by taboos in general. I think there's no such thing as a taboo, the only taboo i consider is if you're not yourself. People don't try to break the taboos. People put up a 'No' sign and don't try to break them. Taboos have to be broken.

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