battle cry of love

September 29, 2009
By neverhatealwayslove SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
neverhatealwayslove SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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When I had wept u had left me there
U left me in the middle of a street
I could not bear
Your life is beginning mine is ending,
They are closing the doors and I can't believe it's time,
But so far away is yours,
Don’t weep for me just let me go and some day I’ll be back just to let you know,
I can't believe it is coming true and it all started with you,

I can't believe they are my own tears,
They’ve come and gone,
Like all these years,
There was no time to show your tears threw out all these years,

Now my time has ended the train has come for me,
Don’t show your tears after all these years,
I might be gone in body but never gone in heart,
But to let you know I will be back for you someday,
To show you my love for you has not gone away

It’s the battle cry of love

Let me go
Far away
To a land
In disarray
Do not weep for me there was nothing left for me
Except the legacy
Before I meant u I had no meaning of love

The author's comments:
never have i thought that people could love like this and yet man kind never does learn. this is one of the many flaws that we accept but i really wish it wasn't.

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Setsuna said...
on Feb. 26 2011 at 1:12 am
Setsuna, Omega, Georgia
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I love this, I have felt like this too before (and also written a poem about it called "Anatomy of a Left Ventricle", check it out). This is really deep and insightful.


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