Senior Year

October 7, 2009
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It's that time of another new year,
Where everyone will come and hear.
Waking up early will be a new adjustment,
Yet we must go for the sake of improvement.
It's our last year, our senior year.

Confident about classes,
I almost forgot my glasses.
I walked in my class during period four,
I was amazed not knowing who to look for.

I greeted everyone,
But I still don't know where to run.
We received our first homework,
I finished it on time like a dork.

As days progress,
I knew something coming for the best.
Not until that one day,
Procrastination walked its way.

I was panicking that night,
Found things were so tight.
Now I figured,
And felt insecure.

There were times I wanted to quit,
But I promised myself it will just take a bit.
I realized I must be thankful,
For I have an education that's grateful.

I must move on with life,
and do what's right.
In the end it will benefit,
so let's not quit!

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