October 6, 2009
By Suzannah BRONZE, OKC, Oklahoma
Suzannah BRONZE, OKC, Oklahoma
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I don't want to be you,
I want to be me.
But it's hard to understand
The world, you see?
The things that are now,
When you think they couldn't get Worse,
Fill in my head.
They're about to burst.
It's the simple things,
That make life the way it is.
It's what I think about,
That makes it this.
So I look in the mirror and feel Insecure.
Maybe my hair isn't good enough,
Maybe I'm just not that tough.
But I think about it,
The way I dress and look,
Are the little things,
That my life took.
I don't want to be bound,
I just want to be found!
I don't want the life everyone Asks for.
To be rich or famous, it's not me.
I just wanna be in key!
Not following the crowd,
On my own I stand.
I can't think of another reason,
When I'm about to bend.
I'm bending and bending, I'm close To breaking.
It's killing me with every step I'm taking.
I've lied and cheated and maybe I'm not good enough,
But when it gets down to everything
I feel like it's too tough.
I don't want to be bound,
I just want to be found!
But it's hard to be me,
When people are all I see.

The author's comments:
I like this one.

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