October 3, 2009
Some say that everything began with a thought
And from there comes the expression think before you act
So does that mean every action stems from a thought
And everything we have known was thought of before becoming reality
So who thought of killing
And who thought of death
Who thought of ignorance
And who thought of meth
Who thought of broken hearts
And who thought of pain
Who thought of suffering
And who thought of shame
Who thought of rudeness
And who thought of fears
Who thought of lying
And who thought of tears
Who thought of abusing
And who thought of segregation
Who thought of disagreement
And who thought of frustration
So all of these things came from a thought so small?
Or maybe these things came from the people who didn’t think at all.

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Caroline35 said...
Oct. 25, 2009 at 12:51 pm
Very true and well-thought.
Please keep writing :)
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