Heritage Poem

October 2, 2009
By writersheart DIAMOND, B., California
writersheart DIAMOND, B., California
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I'm always from
watching, watching, watching
neck cramps
daydreaming about
the stars;
from talking, talking, talking
always seeing though
always learning you
and I;
from wrestling
and super strength
from ponies and magic
and words and words on a page
that they're all the rage;
from echoing in the house
piano keys
and aliens from mars
laughing at the
fate of
from scared of swans and
from pinches
and sugar in your hair
from biting me
and climbing trees
and moonshine eyes
while fairies dance

for us;
from exploding cookery
from the best I can be
from little girls
where mothers should
from aprons
and dishes
and laundry
spin, spin, spin, spin
spin, spin, spin, spin
warm, soft
always clean;
banks and Baskin Robins
tennis in the park
and bikes
and swings
and walking dogs and
magical portals lay
in the garage;
from rats in the basement
and the toilet
from drawers over flowing with
books, books, books
which should be digital;
from poems scribbled
on scraps of paper
of secret glances
and wishing hearts
of laughing until
two am
and it's
dark, dark, dark
from running, when I cried
when anger got
too much to bear
had to scream
for you to care;
from football games
and all the same
sweatshirts because
you reminded me
to be myself;
don't scream and cry
if you need help;
all combined
into my eyes
that watch
and see
because all I can be



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