October 1, 2009
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I close my eyes and feel it,
Residing deep within,
Charging, pounding, shredding,
Crying out for more.
My salty heartbeats flood my mouth,
As my teeth grate my lip.
I force to peer at colors grand,
And music thunder,
As the world spins on,
And leaves me behind.
Then it starts to decease.
I feel it.
Eating me from within.
As I run out,
And colors blend,
The world doth stop,
Yet I stand still.
To observe from something empty,
A crab without a shell.
To cry out when voice is lost,
And people do not care.
Try and picture something other,
Something full and handsome.
But time spins by,
And stabs with hungers pitchfork.
The enemy catches up.
I cannot walk,
Nor run nor hide.
It's catching up with such a haste.
This race cannot be won.
I know it in my heart.
What fought now hides,
What seeks dissolves,
And leaves me bare and naked.
Charging, pounding, shredding,
Crying out for more.
Ripping free of reign,
To knock down sense's door.
I close my eyes.
I listen far.
I taste the nothing,
And let it seep through my veins.
I feel it flow throughout me.
And let it be, yes, left alone.
To march along in silence,
To knock on others' door.

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BMMSIC said...
Mar. 1, 2010 at 9:00 am
It was sooooo awsome it wasint even funny:)
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