How Supporting is the Pressure?

October 1, 2009
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I'm touched by your answers, the prayers you send to me,
Your love and your support means the world.
Although you understand the difficulties,
You avoid the ignorance that comes with loss.

There are times in our lives where we wish we could erase,
Everything we even had, anything we want.
Those times haunting us slowly, painting us alive,
Reminding us why we're here.

As you wish me luck, I'd just nod my head,
I've heard this all before.
Though I appreciate it to no end,
I wish the hands of time would just shut it up.

"Don't screw up", "Do your best", "Please don't fail!"
But yes, no pressure intended?
Stressful mornings and forgetfulness, I wish, oh I wish.
How I wish we all lived in such a pressure-free zone.

What a life that would be.
Can't you see?
There'd be time for just you and me.
So yes, what a life that would be.

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