October 1, 2009
By Haley Meyer SILVER, Millersburg, Ohio
Haley Meyer SILVER, Millersburg, Ohio
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There's no one in the world
Quite like your best friend.
A loyal, honest, trustworthy person
Who will always be there, no matter what.
So why are you gone?

The years before were abundant
Full of laughter and giggles,
Smiles and the excitement of life.
Of new friendship, so deep, so strong.
Like being in love, only we thought it was better.

But then, remember, the laughter turned to tears,
Only thickened by being alone once again.
You broke promise after promise for him
But I was there, I held on so tight.
Because you were my best friend, and I loved you.

But then, remember, the smiles turned to shouts
Only heightened by the bottle in your hand,
The one you had replaced the world with.
But, I was still there, though not quite as close.
Because you were still my friend, and I still had hope.

But then, remember, the love turned into hate
Only fueled by the angry needle marks
Adorning your arms, bruises of sore saphirres and vengeful rubies
And I had to let go completely, just to see if you would care
Because you used to be my best friend, and I used to love you.

And now, the excitement of life turns to the bitterness of death
Only strengthened by regrets and "If Only's..."
As your heart stops beating, your face turning cold and blue
I hold on tight, and I will never let go again.
Because you're my best friend. And I love you.

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