September 28, 2009
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Its better to embrace moments, in the spire of their presence
To feel them and preserve them, observe with every sense
Because these moments are special, above totality
They dont need logics and opinions, any rationality
Secure them in your mind, impartial of the unseen
Or soon you'll find them in the ruins of what could have been
Life is what you make of it, its your history
Keep wishing for what could have been and you'll be caught up in your misery
The pain you feel now is not of the terrible things you remember
But for all the good memories in the midst you've surrendered
Youll need a lot of hatred to be on the brink of disaster
But only one good memory to get through what comes after
So when you're forced to hate yourself, hold on to what you love
And you'll be carved a way through the world, to the heavens above.

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Sumemrdaze said...
Oct. 9, 2009 at 12:12 pm
I love the word useage in this. So many people just write words that they think are ok but you went beyound that. Great job:)
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