Got me

September 27, 2009
By raejos24 BRONZE, Hazel Crest, Illinois
raejos24 BRONZE, Hazel Crest, Illinois
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Still got me seekin
Still got me thinkin
Believin and dreamin
But tha possibility
That we could still be somethin
Is very decievin
Because u see
They got me smilin
They got my heart flyin
But most of all
They dont got me cryin
Sighin and slowly dyin
From tha inside out
You chewed me up and spit me out
And left me there
Cause you neva cared
You only dared
To see how long my heart would take to repair
But thats ok
Cause the tears were washed away
Tha hurt was chased away
And i am reminded every day
That they're here and they're here to stay
And its all cool cause
They got me
And you dont....

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