September 26, 2009
Shes got the rythm, and ive got the blues
And the lovebug must have bit me real hard, cuz i think he left a bruise
But this girl, she can move, and she did
The captain on my sinking ship
But this ship hasn’t sunk yet
No, it’s definitely still floating
And she is definitely still moving
Oooooh is she moving
Moving through my mind like a freight train
But the train stopped, and I need a jump start
To spark the pistons of my heart,
And get them moving like they were before
3 years down, And only one more
Cuz I’ve been waiting
Oooooh have I been waiting
Waiting so long Ryan Reynolds should take some notes
Waiting so long that "patience is a virtue" is a definite understatement
Understating the fact that I failed at finding a replacement
A replacement for someone..... Irreplaceable
Fiending for the early mornings and late night discussions
If i bring the bass, shes got the percussion
The percussion to keep her voice ringing in my ear
Her song is the only melody i wanna hear
But as both our time is filled with unfulfilled promises and unrecognized dreams,
I remain complacent,
And weed through the others like junk in the basement
Junk that will just occupy my time until you find those jumper cables of mine
Cuz I’m in definite need of a spark
A spark for my heart to get that freight train moving again
Cuz she’s the model in my “perfect ten”
And your beautiful girl, i cant deny this
You aint got wings, but yea..... your the fliest
Me without you is like Elmer’s without the glue, super with no crew
She’s the swisher to my sweet, box to my beat, shoes for my feet
I keep my heart on my sleeve, just in hopes youll steal it away
Cuz like a track star, you run through my mind everyday
I’ve got the squeeze and she’s got the juice
But no matter how hard I try
I can’t substitute Smirnoff for this Grey Goose
And you better give me some OJ, cuz I’m going to chase her
Chase her from the depths of my soul, to the fields of my dreams
The only girl, that could ever make me root against my football team
Remember when the cares were free and the time was aplenty
Time is what we had, and time is what we lost
The miles grew between us, and it came at a cost
A cost I wasn’t willing to pay
But as I sit here today
I can’t help but think, someday
Someday things will be back
Back the way they were
So as my complacency grows
I still wait for “her”

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