are you scared yet?

September 25, 2009
By MayaAnne BRONZE, Claremont, New Hampshire
MayaAnne BRONZE, Claremont, New Hampshire
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the walls, they are so bare. the people, they are so dull.
hearing the blank pages of the books
speaking tounges
giving mean looks
where is this place we call home?
is it lost,
is it gone,
is it even real.
i have waited for this moment,
when they all die
their lifeless bodies floating by
their faces expressionless
taped to these walls
watching me
my every move
when i sleep i see what could have been
and then the faces on the walls speak to me
they ask,
are you scared yet?

The author's comments:
we did this cuz we were bored. im sorry you had to suffer. oh btw we are NOT emo!!! completley

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