September 23, 2009
I run out your door
You call my name
I run to the safest place I know
The shadows
You run after me; screaming to me
That you love me and I didnt mean those things I said
I started to run faster and faster
Not knowing were i'm going
But knowing I'm going somewhere
The trees past me by
With out one touch
Your voice begins to fade away
And its just the sound of my heart beating
The sound of my feet hitting the ground
I'm so lost in my mind that i can't see the truth my own lie
But then i realize what i must do
As the tears run down my speachless face
I run down the lane to the old creeky brigde
I climb to the top and as the sun begins to fade
I step of into the cold winter water

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CH01C3 said...
Oct. 6, 2009 at 9:41 pm
I like this. Its passionate and real. It shows this passion w/o confining it to specific emotions
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