He is here no matter what.

September 22, 2009
By grantmosley BRONZE, Byhalia, Mississippi
grantmosley BRONZE, Byhalia, Mississippi
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The one above is here for you and me both.
His love is everlasting, like a stream going to the ocean.
He is here no matter what.
He is there, up above listening waiting for you to give him a call.
He is here no matter what you need him for. He is here.
Pray to him one day. He’ll reply eventually.
He is here no matter what!
He is many things. He is the savior.
Pray to him like your talking to a friend.
If you mess up it don’t matter cause he is there forever.
He’s not like one of them greedy friends of yours about to leave you cause you said something wrong.
He is there forever. Whenever you need something bow your head and pray.
I read the book, I know he’s here but I do not look. I love him. He is my only friend.
Because he is here no matter what.

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