Unspoken Promises

September 22, 2009
By TheProcrastinator BRONZE, Dauphin Island, Alabama
TheProcrastinator BRONZE, Dauphin Island, Alabama
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How do ou feel I wonder?
Do you regret your ations
or ae you barely bothered
after all what was I to you?
A simple score
or a Challenge to best?
Why is it
that girls get called whores
when it's boys that play the game
while switching sides
left and right.
But you know what I thnk is best
is that you can so easily
break your promises
Even if there unspoken
causes promises are made
when bodies met
That you'll leave in peace
if leaving at all
and that hearts are left unbroken
but guys jst don't care!
Girls are bodies for their pleasure
Forget that they're people
and their hearts are hard to mend.
Well I'm letting you know
I'm not just a garage for your car

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about a guy who decide he wanted to use me. A guy who was my best friend, but could easily throw that all away. I wrote this maybe help other girls before they too get used. And yes I know not all guys are like this. But then tell me this why does it happen so offen

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