Blind, Ironic Evolution

September 21, 2009
Blind, Ironic Evolution

I saw a squirrel just the other day,

Running across a log.
I watched with interest.
His frantic scurry, his widened eyes,

His bushy tail standing straight up behind him.
It was amazing to see the simplicities of life,

How uncomplicated it once was, could it be that way again?
There is no chance that it will ever be that simple again.
There will always be bills to pay,

There will always be unnecessary destruction.
This was life untouched,

It was life before a destructive evolution.
To live in the woods,

Running free.
I heard the hawk before I actually saw it.
With unimaginable, majestic speed,

It pulled the furry animal right from the deceased tree.
That was the catch.
Humans had moved away from nature to escape death.
They left to escape being hunted by something larger than them,

Something that was naturally more deadly.
Oh what irony?
I realized how it was.
I realized what exactly fate had played;

The blind, ironic evolution card.
There is nothing more dangerous than a human;

Except another human.
There are no hawks.
We are our own prey.
We won’t stop until we are gone,

In the blink of the eye.
Just like the squirrel I saw the other day,

Running across the log in a frantic scurry.

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