Megans Cry

September 24, 2009
I haven't seen you...It's been a while...
It's the day I've broken the law
and you gave me a smile.
Your face, so beautiful
like an angel sent from eternity
this is your story...
My little angel
you're so hurt and confused.
You look up at me
What am I to do?
I call for help just as you've been doing
but no one hears and you're still alone.
Three years down your lonely battle
your lonely road.
You're still holding on
your face is tired and worn.
Your smile, faded and frowned.
Your soul is finally looking down...
Given up.
Baby, hold on, I'm coming to save you.
Give me time
I'm still trying
after being shot down.
I'm still fighting.
Still trying.
Keeping my heart set
and never giving up.
I'm here for you.
Telepathize your pain
give me proof.
Is it rain on your cheeks?
Is it paint on your arms?
Is it an upside down smile?
upon those beautiful cheeks...
that once gleamed upon moonlight
giving it purpose to come out at night
The day the angels
and trees, birds, and
bees were all in a line
the perfect sister was born.
The world could wait no longer
but the goddess hadn't perfected
her life on earth.
They were "tweaking" this
angels future environment
and just as she was
sent home...the string broke.
She was sent to live
in a hell on earth
Her only peace was
found with the
lovely brunette who birthed
this beautiful angel...
Your little house of peace...
disappeared when SATAN came home
that night
Now all that's left is
the rain, the paint, and mirror reflections.
But dear angel, I swear
I will be there one day
our lives will join, we can be together again
The sister blood, love, the
only heart that will ever
fit with mine, yours,
dear angel, will complete
my dreams and we can
sing and dance together.
This world will aline
with the angels cry.

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