Seasons of Like

September 21, 2009
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Like seasons so called love comes and goes,

A drop in a pool, a leaf on a tree.

Those likes are truely nothing special,

But hold fast to those loves for they are the ones that may never come again.

You can be in like with many but,

You can only really love one.

I have me share of likes,

And yes even loves.

I have had scars never seen by my friends,

And some never healed.

But I have learned from these falls,

And I bear the scars.

I wear them like a badge for all to see,

But I also use them as a cloak to sheild them new likes from becoming loves.

Stick and stones cant break my bones,

But lies can break a heart.

I have seen my friends fall around me,

And I feel it is my duty to help them up.

Love is a hard thing to find,

Be careful you might trip on a like.

But to those who do not fear the journey,

I comend you for you are truely the brave one.

But I will tell you the truth,

The path of life is rough.

But it is better if walked with two.

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