September 20, 2009
By knelly793 SILVER, Forest Hill, Maryland
knelly793 SILVER, Forest Hill, Maryland
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He sits on the street corner and waits.
Most looks that he gets are disapproving glares.
He acts like he isn't affected,
But inside these scowls just tear him up.
He waits all day for just one friendly look.
But with no avail.
He shivers and wraps his coat tighter around his body.
It's almost time for him to go.
He hates being late.
As he gathers up the strength to raise himself up off the sidewalk,
He sees a quarter drop into the Styrofoam cup he set out.
He lifts his eyes to see who the donor could be.
As he looks up he does not see anyone.
But when he feels a tug on the bottom of his coat,
He knows that he has overestimated the size of the contributor once again.
He looks down to see a little girl dressed in pink.
She quickly waves hello and whispers a soft "Merry Christmas"
The man nods his head and turns away as a tear starts forming in the corner of his eye.
They both go their separate ways,
Knowing that they will always be connected.

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