September 19, 2009
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Here we are again
Standing face to face
But not speaking
Just looking at one other
Hoping that either one of us will see
He knows what my feelings are
But he does nothing
His eyes look through me
To him I’m nothing
But wanting to be more
He acts like he wants to be more
Then he doesn’t
He’s there for me
When I am in need
A shoulder
To cry on
And I don’t know
How to show him how I feel
I tell him
But words are nothing
My heart calls for him
In the dead of night
I stand alone in the cold
The night passes on
He never comes to my side
He never comes to warm my cold heart
I feel like I need him there
My heart aches for him
To be by my side
When I cry at night
I want him to be my knight
The one who comes to my cry
To my laughter
And just to be next to me
But most of all I just want to
Know that he is mine
And that nothing will take that away
I want him to dream big
And for those dreams to come alive
I want to be next to him in those dreams
I miss him every day that I do not hear his sweet voice
Every second that I don’t read a word form him
Every minute that I don’t hear
I love you
Every moment that his eyes aren’t looking at me
Every word that he says
Even if there not to me
I miss his smile
His hugs
But most of all his heart
I gave him my heart
But he doesn’t know it
It sits in a box under his bed
I hope that one day he will open it
And see what he has so carelessly looked over
That day I hope his eyes are opened
Opened to the world of love
He may not know it yet
But under his bed
His the only true gift I could ever give him
The gift of my undying love
For him and only him
True love that only comes
Once in a live time
And never twice
If he would only look under his bed
Pull out the dust covered box
place it on his bed
Take the lid off
And see
What I have seen
And maybe
In the dead of the night
When I stand a lone
He will hear my heart cry out to him
The night will pass on
But he will come to my side
And he will warm my cold heart
And I will know that I need him
My heart will still ach for him
But it will be soothed every time
That he gives me that look
He will at my side
And will never leave
He will come in the night
When I cry to myself
He will be my knight
He will come
When I cry
When I laugh
Just to be next to me
I will know that he is mine
And he will know that I am his
Nothing will take that away
He will dream big
Those big dreams will come alive
And I will be there
Beside him as it all happens
He will miss every day that he doesn’t hear my voice
Every second that he does not read a word from me
Every minute that my eyes are not looking at him
Every word that I say
Even if its not to him
My smile
My hugs
But most of all my heart
I gave him mine
So long ago
And now he has given his
To me
We stand in the warm night
His arm around me
And are hands intertwined together
I will rest my head on him
And he will pull me tight
We will always be there
Even if he is out to war
And I am sitting at home
Waiting for the call
That tells me that he
Is alright
And will be coming
Back home to me
I will hear that sweet voice
Read his words that he sent to me
Set my eyes on him
Hear the words that his
Soft caring lips make
Even if there not meant for me
See the smile
Feel his body against mine
As we hug once again
And know that his heart is as much as mine
As mine is his
He will always have my heart
In that box of his
He just needs to pull it out
And take a look
There he will see it
Beating for him
And only him
And his heart
Will beat
At the same rate
For me
And only me
We will be
For ever
Stand together in the night
For ever in love
With one another

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