September 19, 2009
By Manasi BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Manasi BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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Memories are a string of happy and sad moment of your life that you can always keep with you.
They can make tears come running out of your eyes,
and can make a smile appear on your lips,
getting bigger and bigger.
As you grow older,
the string longer,
memories may be the only thing to comfort you.
When you think nobody in the world loves you,
when you feel alone,
memories will come,
filling you with emotions.
Memories might give you courage,
to try something new,
to start a new life.
They might lead you to roads of adventure and a newfound happiness.
If you banish memories from your mind,
you will be in a pit,
of darkness,
nothing left to cheer you up.
Always keep memories with you,
a string of happy and sad moments of your life.

The author's comments:
I want people to know, that however painful a memory can be, don't forget it.
All memories are needed to help you as you grow older. If you're in hard times, memories might be the medicine to remind you to never give up, that there is hope you'll make it through. I hope that people understand how important memories are(sad or happy).

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