Nameless Color, Loveless Heart

September 19, 2009
A Nameless Color:
Wants a heading,
A title,
A meaning.

A Loveless Heart:
Wants affection,

A label, to be able.

Devotion, needs emotion.

A Homeless Mind:
Wants an abode,
A haven,
A sanctuary.

A Lifeless Girl:
Wants vitality,
A soul.

A place, a face.

A heart, a fresh start.

These all come together.
A Girl with a beating Heart.
A Mind with a head.
A Heart with love.

It all goes around, they’re all found.

But the Nameless Color
Has only gotten smaller.

Now he is A Loveless Color.
A Homeless Color,
A Lifeless Color.

But it has ended.
The wounds can’t be mended.

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aubrey63 said...
Sept. 30, 2009 at 6:38 am
this one was also one of my faves!!!! good job, haylz!
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