Bored... ...

September 16, 2009
I'm Bored
Nothing to do
Nobody answering my texts
My calls
My emails

It's too early
for anything good
to be on TV
Believe me, I've been
Through the TV guide
once, twice, thrice.

I have a brillant idea
I don't know why i didn't
think of it before
I pull out the computer,
Plug in the cords

Type in a few passwords
And suddenly...
I'm bombarded with headlines
Another popstar fell of the wagon
Old news.

Another stroke of brillance
a few strokes of the keys
Takes to a website
Where I can be me
And you can be you

We don't judge each other
(Not to harshly, at least!)
And share words,
Which in other forms seem
So boring, so small
So the same

But click here
My eyes scan the page
And i smile as i click a couple More times
And begin to type out
Another story

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~*HopelesslyCrushed*~ said...
Jan. 18, 2010 at 1:08 pm
:) this is a very good poem. great job. :D
TheWrittenHeart said...
Nov. 7, 2009 at 11:05 am
YEAH! Wait, you are talking about teenink right? Well, I am glad you overcame your boredom. This is also where I go when I am bored.
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