The Pain

August 17, 2009
No one can see the real pain in her eyes
When she says nothing is wrong, they think she lies
But truly she no longer knows what is wrong
She sits in silence listening to song after song
Trying to find an answer to all her depression
She has tried to explain, but that she has a problem is her only confession
So every morning she puts on her makeup, to cover the tears she is trying to hide.
She wonders how much longer she can do this till everything falls apart inside
The days there all the same, and it gets worse at night
She sits tears running down her face ready to give up the fight
But does she have the strength or the will
She relizes she doesn’t as she stares past the window sill
She doesn’t know what is stopping it
She doesn’t know, so on in her bed in tears she sits
Maybe on day people will finally see her ….Until then
She will just think about bringing it all to an end.
Maybe by the time everyone sees something is wrong
She might all ready be gone.

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Anna Z. said...
Sept. 24, 2009 at 12:59 pm
this is really good. Depression is really hard im going though it as well. read some of my poems my user name is emo_love
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