Lost with you

September 16, 2009
By BeachLuver455 BRONZE, Greenacres, Florida
BeachLuver455 BRONZE, Greenacres, Florida
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With the moment that a goofy, random thing escaped my lips and your laughter echoed in my ears, i let go of everything i ever held on to. I let go of my hurting, broken, and dirty past and it was no longer left alive or standing. All the tight, thin knitted strings that held me in place in this world were cut lose and wild. I felt like every ending nerve in my body was a hot live wire, just like bella felt, as you caressed me softly with your lips. My heart had fire burning right through it with thousands of beats per second. You are the wind to my fire,as you are the water to my freezing cold ice. This crazy, sick heart pounding head racing feeling was the one that i adoredas much as i adored to have you within my reach.

The author's comments:
Well, this piece was inspired by someone i love dearly. He means so much to me, and i thank him for every bit of inspiration he gave me.

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