Destination: anywhere but here

September 15, 2009
By anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
anna-lynne1291 DIAMOND, Dracut, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
How will we ever get out of this labyrinth?
-John Green

SEVAS TRA (Art Saves)

On the edge of these fractured walls, I reach for you
You always gave without the get
You're all I have, and I'm becoming desperate
Watching pitter patter raindrops dance beneath a fogged existence,
I am aware this may be the end
But if we could fasten you together
We all would live again

Where angels fear to tread, lies your guilty conscience
To set free what weighs you down
Would set the twinkle back in the stars,
and lift our listless frames off the ground

Desinagrating; there you are, then you're not
Disoriented dreamer, never falling back asleep
I feel I am unraveling, because of things you didn't mean
Let's continue fighting fate, while these city lights pull you down the drain
Because between the cracks, I am still sinking
Though there's not much else to take
If we all understood, we would find a way
To stop the downpour

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