September 14, 2009
By Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
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how can you hurt someone so much
and just not care

how can you cause someone so much pain
and later do it again

how can you willingly take such control
how can you willingly live in such a black hole

it makes me feel the worst thing i can feel
i just cant believe how its so real
i hate this feeling
i hate times like these
i hate not being able to do anything

im gonna go crazy
im gonna break loose
im gonna break everything
break as if i have nothing to loose

i wanna do something
i wanna move
a wanna effect things
effect them how i choose

i hate this terrible feeling
of not feeling good
not feeling
the way that i should

i feel like im in this black space
i cant see anything
i cant reach anything
creating constant hate

their is nothing
nothing to touch
no chair to sit on
not even a floor
nothing to stand on

no windows
no doors
no friends
nothing more
everything less
nothing there
only blackness

i feel like ive been put in this tiny box with no air holes
and each time i take a breath
i just get closer to death

do you realize
can you see
that this is happening to me
just because i think differently
just because i dont look the same
just because i play a different type of game
just because im on a different team
just because i dont understand what you mean
just because i step to hip-hop
just because i head bang to heavy metal rock
just because im addicted to MTV
just because i dont have money
just because i helped my little sister when she fell in the mud
just because i picked up and threw away a cigarette bud

i feel so alone
i need a mom or a dad
i need a friend
someone to be here when im sad

i wish that one day
someone would stop staring and help me
because whenever im helpless
there's always someone there to see

i wish someone would unbolt the box
and give me a breath of fresh air
and then tell me
that the next breath will be waiting right their

i wish someone would show me
that there are more feelings
besides sorrow and pain
more weathers
beside lightning storms and rain
better escapes
besides violence and death
better ways to end your crying
and still draw breaths

most people dont understad
that all it takes
is one person
to ruin a life
all it takes
is the push of the right button
to bring someone down without a fight

but it also only takes one person
to save a life
to unscrew the right bolts
and give some fresh air and light

to give hope
to throw down a rope
and pull someone up out of the dark
and tell them that life doesn't always have to be hard

to show that there are people out their with more feelings than just hate
people that can make you laugh
and smile
and make life worth while

these people are your family and friends
these people can shoo away all your sorrow and pain
these people can make you believe in good people again

The author's comments:
i believe the worst feeling that a person can make one feel is helpless

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