An Unbreakable Bind

September 14, 2009
By Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
Marco Jimenez GOLD, Barstow, California
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i give my friends advice
advice that i don't even follow myself
i always try to be nice
as im in this living hell

i have an image for my friends
and its the only one i let them see
because the other one si too disappointing
and its always talking to me

it says things like
haha thats a lie!
you don't even know why!
don't you just wanna cry!
why don't you just give up and DIE!

you don't even know what to say
you'll get rejected every single day
your always gonna get pushed away!
you can try but you'll fail anyway!

my lifes future events
and stupid plans
have me sad and alone
thinking of a girl with whom i could still be holding hands
but she doesn't care about me
she can't see the things i see

i can see all that we can be
but she can't
because she's too busy being free
and i had hope that we would get back together
but now its not very likely

does anybody really care about me
when did i become such an easy person to forget
when did my life lose quality
sometime i think giving up is my best bet

sometimes i don't care
sometimes i don't feel like being fair
sometimes i i care about who, why or where
sometimes i just want people outta my hair

sometimes i just want to cuss people out
i want to tell the i have it worse without a doubt
i want to sock them in the face
i want to put them in their place

but i never do these things i just let the tension build up in my brain
and then i forget about it all
then later i do it again

im just too weak to do anything about it
but the hate keeps breeding in my mind
and i can't live without it
im wrapped in an unbreakable bind

The author's comments:
i was going through alot at the time that i wrote this poem. i felt as if everythin was turning against me and i didnt think i could handle

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