a little smudge

September 14, 2009
By jellyfish222 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jellyfish222 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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a little smudge
has found its away across my paper
but this isn't just any "little smudge"
it was propagted through a couple of tears and an old medicine pen
i cannot let this smudge get to me though
i'm trying to forget but the smudge is mocking me
its created a black spot on my concentration
i need to get rid of it
you stupid little black dot
you have become rounder and prominent
resembling a little tick bomb
stored within the shelves of my mind
i rush to remember the morning
i fell down a flight of stairs
the lock protecting the containments of my locker is gone
as all my books too, are missing
and not to forget, i was mocked
i am being scrutinized like a governer who committed murder on his wife
what have i done to deserve this?
well all i can think about is this stupid little smudge
you have blocked my tears with your wall of darness
but the light is about to crumble your foundation
i find my happiness in a white out
oh little black smudge, i have defeated you again

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