September 14, 2009
By Anonymous

So many voices
Possesing and altering my memory
My heart doesn't even beat
Black and red are all I see
I'm lost in a hallucination
The mirror brings me no comfort
My eyes can't hide the pain
So much poison in my veins
Your lies don't hurt
Not anymore
I've seen that life's not worth living
I can't remember my past
All you do is lie about yours
I never really knew you
I still don't know myself
I can't help you
You never listen
Nobody listens
No one gives me answers
Only lies
Is there something wrong with me?
Don't expect me to keep talking
I know you wont give a response
You always cut deeper into my wounds
Looking for more
But thats all there is
I'm sick of your deception
Then I remember your only an illusion in my twisted imagination

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