Speak Easy

September 13, 2009
i speak to you in the language of love
whisper sweetness with no substance but to move your heart
and to see the tension of your face called a smile
with a small spark of encouragement in every breath

i speak to you in the language of truth
honesty and integrity and validity
my feelings and knowledge laid bare
a venerable feast waiting for harvest

i have given you the part of the world i have
each and every facet of it is yours
i give you a view of life outside the cage you unwittingly live in
sometimes i wonder if you were the one who put it up in the first place?
i give you a hand to lead you
but in this simple dance of life and love you still cant seem to let go

but still other messages seep in
languages of deceit
and of guilt
bitter bitter guilt

maybe i should learn some of these
lines of guilt run around you
they rule the world you live in
they form the walls you pace the edges of so incessantly

maybe i should play that card?
maybe i could show you the guilt of someone who also lives in it?
only this person lives in his own
he is his own prison

but no
i wont cast out lines
i wont fish for hurt
i wont seek out pain

not for me
not for you
not for us
not for anyone

today will just be another day in the list of misspent moments
misshapen intentions
im sorry
i hope you can see that

i hope you know i mean it...

i just have to speak easy
and all will be well again...

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