Thoughts and Raindrops

September 13, 2009
By bneri03 BRONZE, Windber, Pennsylvania
bneri03 BRONZE, Windber, Pennsylvania
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My mind wonders..
Distances unmeasurable
Beyond the farthest mountain top
Spinning tales of what might be,
and drawing reality all to close
To yern for your touch
and wonder if i ever cross your mind
for as much as you cross mine.

Pull me back from consciousness.
The clock still ticks,
my thoughts stand still.
Stuck in time with you.
Remembering the way
your hand in mine,
felt so strong.
But what once was laced is torn
And sadly lays my heart and hand

Thoughts crashing,
tidals through my mind
Endless waves of words
Emotions stirred

As rain hits my rooftop
so thoughts run through my mind
as tears roll down my cheeks,
mimicking the heavens,
as I lay wondering

Who has your thoughts if not I?

The author's comments:
Was going through a tough break-up at the time. It was easiest to put my feelings onto paper.

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