My Pain, Your Responsibility

September 2, 2009
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Why don't you realize
That what you say has an impact on me?
Why don't you see
That I have emotion?
As much as I deny it,
As much as I regret it,
It's still there.
I still feel it when you say something.
I still feel empathy when you're hurt.
I seem like the kind of girl who just
Doesn't get it.
Just a dumb little girl.
Is that who I am?
I do understand.
I'm standing here with open ears.
I absorb every word you say like a sponge.
You seem to not realize that.

I do have feelings.
I'm a human, I can't help that.
I'm slowly becoming cold to the world.
I'm being drowned by everything.
Most of all curiosity.
Do you really think I'm emotionless?
Are you really that gullible?
No, I have emotions.
So much so that I can't face them.
I can't deal with them so I turn a cold shoulder to you.
To the world.
To everything.

So next time you feel like saying a remark to me,
Next time you feel like saying a remark to anyone,
Or even about anyone,
It might hurt them.
The outcome of their pain? Well, that's your responsibility.

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