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August 29, 2009
By cryptorskull BRONZE, Bronx, New York
cryptorskull BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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We scream but no one hears us.
So we just take the burden.
Hide what they misjudge.
And give them the made up life.
Disclaiming who we are...
We out the future into now and put this moment into the future..
Relying on it to help prepare us for what’s ahead.
Which we changed to get a better understandment of who we are.
No one wants to fail.
Everyone wants a clear path with achievements being behind that road and ahead of it.
But, this isn’t no time machine, nor a movie.
We can’t choice which events to throw out and put into our lives to make it oh so fabulous.
High class…
Just live up to it and try to correct your faults…
Before they cause a nerve recking ending.
The jokes on us the lights are on us.
Wanting us to fail because we had a chance to correct what we have done wrong.
If we made it out of fear…
At least we built ourselves out of that.
All that’s left is to put this moment back into the freezer and defrost the past moment we did not know how to handle…
And over come it by being fearless as we once learned.

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