August 30, 2009
A whisper,
that's what it was,
a quiet reclamation,
of what has been,
my own translation,
of warm words,
a breath against my mind,
a whisper,
that's what it was,
a gentle message,
that dance through darkened hallways,
that glows in the night,
that sparks smiles from those,
who live in the abyss,
a whisper,
that's what it was,
the lyrics echo,
through the light and festivities,
erratically jumping,
here then there,
there then here,
through the laughing, living folk,
a whisper,
that's what it was,
then the words fade,
and with the quiet,
comes darkness,
the solemn fallout,
of what was,
a whisper,
that was the cause.

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Alice28 said...
Sept. 8, 2009 at 8:18 pm
I like this one. you have to read it over and over again and but when you get it. you get it
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