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you-shaped void

October 27, 2019
By Anonymous

a void breeding in the bleakness of my realms,

growing and growing;

feeding on the perpetual emptiness.

yes i know,

i know that i sound like every other teenager,

claiming to be despondent.

but i am not shunning their pain, 

or accusing them of pining for attention, 

for i know that the desolation can be real… 

sleeping late and waking up early, 

cause why the hell not,

it was better than facing my unpredictable dreams. 

feeling a strong sense of purposelessness,

leaving me with one persistent question–

do i ever do anything for myself? 

no, of course not. 

my sticky cheek pressed against the pillow;

tears swimming over the bridge of my nose, trickling down horizontally, 

dampening the cloth fibres. 

and just when i thought the void had won; 

finally consuming me whole and whole, 

you sauntered into my realms. 


it was a match,

you quaffed my emptiness like a recluse drank his pint. 

the aching, followed by the lingering numbness– it all stopped;

for you perfectly spilled over, into my

you-shaped void.

The author's comments:

A "you-shaped-void" lives in all of us. 

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