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Not You

April 30, 2019
By 22wrightdl BRONZE, Paris, Tennessee
22wrightdl BRONZE, Paris, Tennessee
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There comes a point

When you must pretend

To be somebody else.

Because you almost

Will never be

Accepted for

Just being you.

You’ll have to

Dress different,

Act different,

Talk different.

Anything thats is not

You, but everyone


You will be judged

Based on how you look.

That's when you cake your

Face in makeup

And not be you.


You will be judged

Based on how you dress.

That's when you

Go spend all of the money

You don't have

On clothes that you

Really can't afford.

And not be you.

You will be judged

Based on how you speak.

That's when you drop

The fun talk and

Start talking like them.

And not be you.

Dont be you.

Be them.

And maybe you’ll

Actually survive

In this world.

Just maybe.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem as a project for my creative writing class. It is a poem that I personally relate to and that I'm sure many more do as well. I hope you enjoy :).

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