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November 7, 2018
By Brandongarzaofficial SILVER, Hemet, California
Brandongarzaofficial SILVER, Hemet, California
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Life, fragile yet soft

Time everlasting yet stopes

Beauty withering as time moves on

Forgotten souls begging to root

Memories fading throughout the years

Nothing seems important anymore

Society doesn’t seem to care

It’s unfair

Unfair that memories are forgotten

Time moves on

And the forgotten souls can never move on

Through pain and torcher

Heartache and Despair

Our beauty grows while life becomes

More and more unfair

But when beauty grows

Into the hearts of the rotted

Nobody remembers we’ll all be


A key within reach

But always ignored

A key to a better life, a way out

A way nobody seemingly want to restore

The author's comments:

No one deserves to be forgotten, is all i have to say for this peice. Rest In Peace 

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