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All the Sadness Inside

October 23, 2018
By paytonhudgins GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
paytonhudgins GOLD, Valdosta, Georgia
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Some people don’t realize
That behind my disguise
The feelings that I hide
The way I feel inside.
Some people say cruel things,
Not worried about the hurt they bring.
Small words can make my heart sting,
As all my emotions start to bleed.
Sure, it’s good to be honest,
But don’t hurt that girl ‘cuz she ain’t the hottest,
Or that guy who may act the oddest.
Don’t crush my feelings, at least try,
To ease the burden of the pain I feel inside.
I’ll just walk away with my head high,
Won’t do you the honor of sayin’ goodbye,
‘Cuz all the pain I feel inside.

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