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May 5, 2018
By gay_emo SILVER, Sydney, Other
gay_emo SILVER, Sydney, Other
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we know what we are, but know not what we may be- William Shakespeare

In a lonely isle in a town by the shore
Where fallen men gathered sickly and sore
dreary of color and deprived of life
slowly forgetting what the heavens looked like

Trapped in the fog, banished from light
A place with no good or bad, and no wrong or right
The thoughts their father just out of grasp
Barely a thought, becoming distant past

Memories of where holy bells ring
A dream Sinking slowly into the grasp of nothing
Where bitter winds travel far from strife
To carry away us in our last breath of life

once pure turned grey, once real turned fake
All due to trusting the words of a snake
And So cast down from heavens far above
by the nectar of greed, from the fruit we call love

The ones of this town who repent for their faults
As their Gods voice goes silent religion turns cult
Now these lowly vessels left hungry and poor
live in fear on this isle in this town by the shore

From within ranks they claim demons to sing
And blame them when killing off beautiful things
Though in the end they know covering the lands
Is spilled blood created by their own hands

as they fight off the devil, whos one step from from perfection
The wicked deceiver looked back in reflection
As they masked what they saw in a grand fraud
Made them they mislead creatures, or mistakes of god?

So aside whatever comes out of there mouth
They became the hero who conquered themself
Though Is it fair that forever that they should be cursed
To be trapped within walls in this hell they call earth

A town where the fallen angels gathered
Their wings stolen, clothes torn and tattered
sullen faces dull with dirt
And hands calloused with years of good work
They stare with a for longing for evermore
Trapped within this small town by the shore

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