America Protest

March 28, 2018
By Abbyguzik BRONZE, Delran, New Jersey
Abbyguzik BRONZE, Delran, New Jersey
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America, when will the fighting stop?
We are the land of liberty and life
Why are we against the different?
Time to put down the gun and knife

The great America doesn’t exist anymore
Racism on every block
How are we supposed to live the American dream
If we aren’t even safe on the sidewalk

The America where “all lives matter”
Except for those that we hate
Where the color of your skin describes you
Whether your gay, bi, or straight

Can’t even go outside without feeling unsafe
Murder there, kidnap here, where does it end
Parents taken from their children
And how he abused his girlfriend

Where is the peace?
Where are the friendship and love?
Time to grow up and love one another
Like the Lord does above.

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