Half Baked

March 26, 2018
By BaileyReeves GOLD, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
BaileyReeves GOLD, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
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Spine snaps
Like a frozen twig beneath a heavy winter boot
The ice makes it fragile and damp
Head bent in caution
She’s a crack in the stoning of her own mansion
The foundation is in rubles, and the wallpaper peels at the edges

She used to spin like vinyl just to see if she’d get dizzy
But now she gets dizzy too fast
Her days of chocolate covered fantasy are over

As her brother grows taller
She grows softer
What used to be bone is now flesh
And she can no longer identify her own body in a lineup
Not that she’d ever want to

She prefers the lights off
Although she fears the dark
But seeing nothing is better than seeing her reflection
When she does catch a glance, her eyelids slam shut
Harder and faster than her bedroom door ever could
Her boyfriend kisses over her imperfections
But she pushes him away
Afraid he might see too much, or too little
She hates the feeling of his hands on her stomach and thighs

Her body like a magnet that repels him
He keeps coming back for more

Amidst the screams of agony
She finds a melody in her own pain
It is louder than a symphony
And yet barely a whisper

Her skin feels like dough
A half baked cookie taken out of the oven too soon
She wonders if she will ever love herself again

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