A Raindrop Love Song

March 25, 2018
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The harsh evening, death’s purple veil
As we zoom to the bleak, dark gutters
By the cold starlight did I see
A drop that’s not quite like the others
Against the night, a splash of light
It is you, the one and only
Millions of drops fall at my side
Yet why is it I still feel lonely?
My love for you is but a storm
Strong and cutting like a knife
And yours would be a gentle touch
Nurturing, vital for my life
I just want you to love me too
There’s not much time, please understand
For once we pass these darkened clouds
It won’t be long before hitting land
Ground draws near, the city twinkles
Brighter and brighter as we drop
Farewell, my love, may we meet again
In some other sky or- SPLOP!

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