Rain's Journey

February 23, 2018


I soar up to the sky!
Gathering with myself, bubbling upwards to searing heights
I feel light as a feather,
But building, building, under the hot sun

Suddenly, my passion begins to drown in pressure all around
Why is this happening!??
So heavy, I weigh myself down
Barely suspended, but hanging, anxious, gathering

Then, with a sigh, I rall off of my lofty cushion
Melodrama gives way to cool relief
As the pressure releases, I fall carelessly towards the earth
Arms spread wide, laughing
I give into gravity

Crash! Splash!
My weight meets the earth
Rooftops, Treetops, Parking lots, Fields,
A thousand thundering gallons of grey
Then drip, drip, drip,

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