The Devil’s Son

December 24, 2017
By Deiara Moore SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Deiara Moore SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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I fell in love with the Devil's son
You made me feel so good
Then you made me feel numb
The way I knew you would
I cry myself to sleep
And you'll smile at my pain
I cant escape the deep
I feel like I'm going insane
There was so much at stake
And I still risked it all
Then I felt my heart break
As everything started to fall
You was walking away
I didn't know what to do
I wanted you to stay
But nothing I said got to you
You can't understand what you've done to me
I couldn't resist you
All these mind games isn't fun to me
The day you left, I missed you
I didn't want to hang around our friends
I thought about it about all day
I just wanted it to all end
But I still couldn't stay away
I went to them even though I tried to restrain
Every time I look at you, I wanna die
Being in your presence caused me pain
And sometimes it makes me wanna cry
I love you and it wasn't a lie
I just wanna be near you
I can see the temptation in your eyes
At first I was scared but I no longer fear you
When I think of it, I feel like you hate me
I knew it was gonna happen but I still let you take me
And that was something I feared before you started to date me
I was scared that I was gonna hurt you and that you was gonna break me
But I know you're fine because you got her now
Im just here, wishing it couldn't be true
But I rather not bring you down
I didn't want to do that to you
Just cause you didn't find love with me
It doesn't mean it's the same with her
I just wish you could see what I see
I miss the way we were
The way we texted and stayed on the phone
I wish we stayed closer
Now I feel alone
I guess I feel as if you and I still don't have closure
You may be the devil's son but I love you as if you were good
I cant erase the feelings I have inside
You loved me the way I knew you would
And when you stopped loving me, I cried
I fell in love with the devil's son and I don't regret it
Everything was okay until it went down hill
My heart broke so much that I felt it
It didn't seem real
It felt more like a nightmare and I couldn't wait to wake up
I really hoped it was a bad dream
I didn't want it to be true, I didn't want to break up
Then I realized that it was as real as it seem
The truth is, I'm not ready to let go of this
I will remember the way you made me melt
I will forever miss your touch, love, and kiss
I will remember every feeling you ever made me felt
And I can tell you how happy I am that you got a girlfriend now
But that doesn't change how much I wish it was me
So you can go be happy with her while I'm down
And I'll still regret letting go of what we could be
I don't know if I should tell you this but I'm gonna tell you anyway
Please don't hate me for what I'm about to say
But I still have hope that you'll come back to me one day
Because like I said, my love for you wont go away
Even though you're the devil's son, I love every part of you
And I'm sorry that I didn't show that
There will always be a place in my heart for you
I just wanted you to know that
I know I wasn't worthy of keeping you
I wish I was good enough to be loved by you
I know I'll never regret meeting you
I just want to have you again, I don't care what we go through
I want us to be together and that's something I really want us to do
People can say all these terrible things but I wont believe they're true
Because I know I should believe you
And I believe that you're not as bad as people make you out to be
They tried to convince me but I just can't see
Maybe it's just the effect you have on me
And to my heart, you still have the key
I don't care if people call me dumb
It's too late, it's already done
I don't want no one
Because I'm in love with the Devil's Son

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