I Love You So Much

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

I will never stop
I will never leave
I love you from the top
All the way down to my feet
No matter what
You’re everything I’ve got
You’re everything I wanted
You’re everything I need
No one can ever make me stop
Even though we are on repeat
You’re everything to me 
I felt alone the last couple of years
Since you came into my life
I’ve been happy to say, “I Love You”
I have been able to smile again
I’ve been afraid to let someone in
But since you I let you in
I know I can do it again
I never thought that we could last forever
But now that you are together
I feel like we are together forever
Even though we had tough times
We still made it out
I knew we were meant to be
And I’m sorry
For being annoying by texting you all the time
And I’m sorry
For what happened in the past
I’m sorry
For making you mad when I wanted you happy
I’m sorry
For ever making you feel like you can’t trust me
I used to tell myself over and over again
That we could never date
But now that we are
I stopped having that thought
I never knew the true meaning of love
Until I met you
I, now, know the true meaning of everything
And I’m still sorry for saying, “Whatever and maybe”
All the time
I will try my best not to make you mad
I will try my best to make you happier then you are now
I never knew the true meaning of love
But after I met you
I know the true meaning
I love you more then anything else in this world and I will never stop
te casarías conmigo?
Please say yes
I Love You So Much
And I’m starting to fall in love with you

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